Welcome to Serial Flashers!

Serial Flashers is all about telling stories, flash length (500 words or less), but in a series.

Every Monday at noon (central time), we will post part of a story.  It will be visible here at the website and through our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Serial-Flashers/617173358400192).

You can tell us a flash story in up to five parts.  No more than that, though, unless you can really, really convince us you need more.

There is no genre requirement; however, we do admit to being partial to SF/F/H, especially if it’s humorous.

We are a paying market, although not as much as we’d like to be.  Right now, we can only pay $5 per piece of flash.  That means that you can make up to $25 for a five part serial.  While we would prefer flash pieces at 500 words or less, if you need a few extra words to make it work, that’s okay, too.  The 500 isn’t a rule; it’s more of a guideline.  (Although if each piece is over 600 words, you’re really going to have to convince us that it’s really necessary…)

In addition to our online publication spots, we will also publish a yearly anthology each February.  The anthology will be e-book and print.  Authors with work appearing in the anthology will receive a copy of each format, as well as the chance to buy additional print copies at a reduced price.

Submissions should be sent to serialflashers at gmail.com

The subject line should be: Submission: [Title], [x] Parts.

We aim to respond to all submissions within 2 weeks.

* For published pieces, we take one-time print and/or electronic publishing rights. Yes, that means we take reprints!  Although if your piece already appeared somewhere, please let us know, and let us know when the rights reverted to you.

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