Sea Bubbles - Image by think4photop via

Deeper, Part I


Sea Bubbles - Image by think4photop via

Image by think4photop via

One hundred and thirty-five meters of ancient, glacial waters press down on me. The sun had been swallowed up long ago. This is the deepest I have ever been. The deepest I can go. My head feels fuzzy from the thinness of the air in my tank. But I have succeeded. Five meters from bottom of Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Canada, I have found her.

She is there, a beacon of light, the only thought I have in the darkness. Her lithe body tapers into a fish-like tail that glows with salmon-coloured scales. Long tresses of seaweed-green hair float around her face. That face! Her large eyes are crystal blue. Her lips pucker into a sweet smile. Bubbles slip through her smile, and with a flick of her tail, she is right in front of me.

She takes hold of my regulator and tugs it from my mouth. The air spills into the water, filling the space between us with bubbles. Her wide, innocent eyes hold mind as she leans forward. They are all I see, all I think about.

Her lips brush mine.


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